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Impact of Yogic Practices on Hba1c Among Geriatric Type2 Diabetic Men
Author: Kishan Rangrao Bhawar, Dr. K. Shankar

Muscular Analysis of Sun Salutation
Author: Sunil Alphonse, Dr. Arunaraj R and Mrs. Shaheedha A

Prediction of Anti-Hypertensive Potential of Siddha Formulation – Sagalanoi Chooranam against Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme (ACE): A Computational Approach
Author: Srinivasan M R, Subathra T, Kayalvizhi P, Shanmugapriya P, Anbarasan B, Sangeetha M K, Nithyamala I

Effect of Garbha Vidhya on High-Risk Pregnant Women and Their Foetuses
Author: Dr B.R.Parthasarathy

Effect of Yogic Practices on Body Mass Index and Anxiety Among Smart Phone Addicted Adolescent Boys
Author: S.Parvathy, Dr. P.Punitha, Dr.R.Elangovan

Effect of Yogic Practices on Blood Glucose among Middle Aged Type-2 Diabetic Men
Author: I. Vidjeane, Dr. P. Arunachalam

Influence of Mindfulness Meditation on Metabolic Health of Middle Aged Men Factory Workers
Author: Mathappan A. V, Dr. K.V. Rajasekhar

Yoga and Quality of Life in Pulmonary Tuberculosis patients during COVID-19 and Post- COVID-19: A Narrative Review
Author: Srinivas M,Patil N J, Jagmohan S V, Prabhakar K, Dhanashri Patil,Guruprasad T J

Influence of Yoga on Body Mass Index and Heart Rate among Middle-Aged Women Diagnosed with Hypothyroidism
Author: Pallavi Latari Helwade, Dr. V. Subbulakshmi, Dr Meena Ramanathan

Effect of Yogic Practices on Selected Psychological Variable Among Diabetes Tribal Women
Author: M. Shanmugapriya

Effect of Yoga Practices on Peak Expiratory Flow Rate and Stress among Asthmatic Adolescents
Author: M. Navaneethakrishnan, Dr.V.Subbulakshmi

Effect of Yogic Practices on Knee Pain and Anxiety among Aged Women Suffering with Osteoarthritis
Author: S. Janani, DR. R. Muthulakshmi

Efficacy of Yoga on Primary Dysmenorrhea among Adolescent Girls
Author: S. Deepika, Dr. R. Jayanthi, Dr. V. Parthiban

Effect of Six Weeks Kinhin Walking Meditation on Stress and Anxiety Management of Engineering College Students, H.V.P.M. Amravati
Author: Dr. Sunita Shrikrishnarao Kene

Effect of Yogic Practices and Mantra Chanting on Haemoglobin and Self Confidence among Pregnant Women
Author: S.Ezhilarasi, Dr. S.Murugesan

Effect of Simplified Kundalini Yoga with and without Tortoise Exercise on Selected Psychological Variables among Hypothyroid Women
Author: Dr A. Rajam & Dr E. Santhi

Effect of Six Weeks Training of Suryanamaskar on Abdominal Endurance among Orphanage Girls
Author: D. Murali, Dr. E. Martin Arogiyaraj

Effect of Simplified Kundalini Yoga on Stress among Rehabilitative Middle-Aged Women Affected with Tuberculosis – Pilot Study
Author: Girija Lakshmi V.M, Dr.S. MURUGESAN

Immediate Effect of Simplified Kundalini Yoga Nine Centre Meditation on Brain Functionality Balance and Chakra Alignment among College Boys
Author: E. Santhi, V. Subha, Dr. S. Jayaprakash

Evaluation of Kayakarpam, A Key Component of the Siddha Medical System Used to Promote Well-Being
Author: Harish Anbu Selvan.V, Karpagavalli.K, Nithiyamala.I, SriSakthiLogisha.M, Nivetha.G, Thirugnanam.K

Elucidation of Potent Inhibitors from Siddha Herbal Drug Visha Jura Kudineer (Vjk) against RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase Dengue Viral Protein: An In-Silico Approach
Author: Subathra.T, Gomathi.R, Preetheekha.E, Mamallan.A, Shanmugapriya.P

Analytic Study of Selected Asanas to Improve Good Posture One Way Promoting Better Breath
Author: Dr.Manimekalai Narayanan.M, Dr.R.Elangovan

Analytical Study of Effects of Sodhan Kriyas of Yoga and Ayurveda
Author: Sheetal Arya

A Review on Use of Antihelminthic Herbs in Siddha System of Medicine among Children
Author: S.Priyadharshini, S.Subaraj, R.Gomathi, E.Preetheeka, M.Suguna, Y.Kanimozhi

Effect of Simplified Kundalini Yoga with and without Sky Chanting on Anxiety and Depression among Transgender Women
Author: K. Anuradha & Dr. E. Martin Arogiyaraj

Impact of Yoga Practice to Tribal Male People with Diabetes at Kodaikannal Hills
Author: Prof. Dr. G. Raghuram

Therapeutic Effect of Yoga on Cardiovascular Disorders - A Comprehensive Review
Author: Sabari Girija N, Glara A F, Sureka A, Rajeswari K

Management of Bronchial Asthma through Yogam
Author: Sureka A, Glara A F, Sabari Girija N, Rajeswari K

Evidence Based Mechanistic Reasoning for Balancing Three Humors through Siddha Clinical Practices for a Healthy Lifestyle
Author: R.Gomathi, T.Subathra, E.Preetheekha, S. Priyadarshini, A. Mamallan, P.Shanmugapriya, S.Thamodharan

Effect of yogic practices on body mass index and systolic blood pressure among middle aged women Suffering with hypothyroidism
Author: A. Radhika, Dr. Muthulakshmi

Effect of Yogic Practices on Forced Vital Capacity and Life Satisfaction among Middle Aged Asthmatic Women
Author: Palani Amar Selvi A and Murugesan S

Holistic Approach through Siddha for Kalladaippu (Renal Calculi) -An Evidence based Case Study
Author: K.Thiruganam, M.SriSakthiLogisha, G.Nivetha, K.Karpagavalli, Subha V, Meena Kumari

A Review on Non-Pharmacological Approach in Ayush System of Medicine for the Management of Insomnia
Author: Nivetha G, SriSakthiLogisha M, Subha V, Muthukumar N J, Mahalakshmi.V, MeenaKumari

Herbs that Stabilizes Thiridhosham to Nurture Healthy Lifestyle in Siddha System of Medicine - A Review
Author: K.Karpagavalli, M.SriSakthiLogisha , I.Nithyamala ,G.Nivetha, K. Thiruganam, V Harish Anbu Selvan

The Essentials of Siddhar’s Karpa Avizhthangal (Rejuvenation Medicines) - A Review
Author: N.J.Muthukumar, P Sugasini, R.Keerthika, V.Mahalakshmi

Exploring the Effectiveness of Kai Kavuli Varmam on Pain Management of Cervical Radiculopathy
Author: Subha V, Nivetha G, SriSakthiLogisha M, Karpagavalli K, K.Thiruganam, V Harish Anbu Selvan

Impact of Simplified Kundalini Yoga on Lung Functions among COPD Patients
Author: Sreedharan B

Well Being of Women through Yogam – A Treasure of Siddha
Author: K. Rajeswari, K. Sabari Girija, A. Sureka, A.F. Glara

Effect of Classical Yoga Therapy on Systolic Blood Pressure and Anxiety Among Adults with Insomnia
Author: S Muthukrishnan and Dr.V. Parthiban

Effect of Simplified Kundalini Yoga on Systolic Blood Pressure and Pulse Rate among Hypertensive Aged Women
Author: K.Nallathambi, Dr.G. Amala Karthiga

Validation of Siddha Varmam therapy for the management of Karuvanga Noigal (Menstrual disorders)
Author: SriSakthiLogisha M, Nivetha G, Karpagavalli K, MuthuKumar N J, Mahalakshmi V, Meenakumari R

Effect of Yoga Therapy and Varma Therapy on Stress and Adjustment among Rheumatoid Arthritis Women
Author: Selvam A S

Single case report for the management of cognitive deficit in Children through Siddha traditional medicine Brahmi nei
Author: Dharshini Priya G, Amala Hazel A.M, Meenakshi Sundaram M, Meenakumari R

Traditional Rice Varieties in Siddha System of Medicine for a Healthy Life Style
Author: .I.Nithyamala,G.Bharath Kumar,.M.PitchiahKumar, S.Visweswaran, Karpagavalli, Sangeetha Rajkumar

Effect of Yoga on Anxiety among University Level Male and Female Volleyball Players
Author: Kanchana D, Senthil Kumar M

Impact of Geographical Terrain on Skill and Team Cohesion of Kerala Premier League Football Players
Author: Shabu S J

A Comparative Clinical Trial of Yogam and Nilavagai Chooranam in the Management of Eraippu Erumal (Bronchial Asthma)
Author: N.J.Muthukumar, P Sugasini R.Keerthika, V.Mahalakshmi

An Observational Study on Naadi (Pulse) and Neikuri (Urine Examination) in Kabala Purakirumi (Tinea Capitis)
Author: Jeeva S, SriSakthiLogisha M, Nivetha G, Sasi S K

Effect of Self Defense Training on Agility and Balance among College Women
Author: Sreenath S, Dhinu MR

Isolated Effects of Asanas, Mudras & Suryanamaskara on Fat Percentage Among Sedentary Obese People
Author: Saheedha A, Sunil Alphonse

Effect of Yogic Practices Integrated with Yoga Nidra on Sleep Quality and Self-Regard among Women with Sleep Disorders
Author: S. Vidhya Shankari and Dr S. Selvalakshmi

Effect of Yoga with Nirguna Chanting on Sleep Quality among Aged Insomniac Women
Author: K. K. Indulekha, and Dr. Kokila Selvaraj

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