Volume : 9, Issue : 1, 2023 ( June)
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Fluorene is Highly Toxic to Zoea Larvae of the Red-Clawed Crab Chiromantes haematocheir
Kawamura Ryoya, Rafiuddin Ahya Muhammad, Toyota Kenji, Honda Masato, Amornsakun Thumronk, Tabuchi Yoshiaki, Hattori Atsuhiko, Harumi Tatsuo, Hirayama Jun, Urata Makoto, Matsumoto Kyoko, Nishimoto Sogo, Srivastav Ajai K., Suzuki Nobuo and Matsubara H
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1-7 129
Updated Checklist of Spider Diversity (Arachnida: Araneae) in Two Union Territories of Northwest India: Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh
Singh Rajendra, Khan Akhtar Ali, Mushtaq Tahmina and Khan Aysha Ali
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8-29 52
Andrographis paniculata Nees Aqueous Extract Prevents the Oxidative Stress in Rats During Acute Liver Failure by Activating the Antioxidant Enzymes
Podh Dusmanta, Mukherjee Arghya and Singh Santosh
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30-44 37
Production of Vermicompost from Domestic Waste Using Epigeic Earthworms Eudrilus Eugeniae and Evaluation for Field Trial on Bhendi (Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench)
Parameswaran J. and Ronald Ross P.
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45-51 31
Impact of Bionanopolymers in Wound Healing Materials and Their Mechanisms
Jayanthi K., Sujithra K., Ashok K. and Babu M.
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52-59 15
Phytochemical Screening, Antioxidant and Antibacterial Activity of Indigenous Medicinal Plant against Human Bacterial Pathogens
Farook M.A., Abdul Jaffar Ali H., Muhammed Shariq K., Mohammed Tariq N.P.M. and Dilli Raja R.
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60-68 36
A Comprehensive Study on Ethno-Pharmacological Exploration of Achyranthes aspera Linn.
Samdershi Deepshikha, Kumar Aman and Besra Suhasini
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69-86 21
Impact of Heavy Metal Pollution on the Environment: A Short Review
Janaki Devi V., Ashok K., Babu M. and Vasukidevi Ramachandran
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87-92 26
Effect of Leaf Extract of Tridax procumbence on Superoxide Dismutase and Lactate Dehydrogenase Concentration in Early Chick Embryo
Pendharkar Kishor Dhanji
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93-98 27
Microplastics and its Harmful Effects on Humans: A Review
Sujithra K., Jayanthi K., Babu M. and Ashok K.
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99-105 28
Detailed Spatial Analysis of Human–Elephant Conflict, with an Emphasis on Correlates of the Socio-Ecological Aspects in Southern Maharashtra, India
Kulkarni Ameya, Nashirabadkar Anurag and Mhatre Kuldeep
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106-119 17
Ichthyofaunal Diversity and Fishery Potential of Mandohol Reservoir, Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra, India
Dalavi S.D. and Pawar B.A.
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120-125 31
Histochemical Study on the Effect of Tridax procumbens (L.) Leaf Extract on Glycogen and Lipid Content in Chick Embryo Vitelline Blood Vessels
Pendharkar Kishor Dhanji
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126-132 17
Inheritance of Eye Colour in Population of Mysuru City, Karnataka, India
Suchitra G. and Akhila A.
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133-138 11
Effects of Vermiwash as Nutrient Supplement for Mass Production of Marine Microalga, Chloroidium saccharophilum for High Density Production of Marine Copepod, Dioithona rigida (Cyclopoida, Copepoda)
Rajula Jesuvadiyal S. and Martin P.
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139-147 14
Electroantennogram Responses of Chrysoperla carnea Stephens Towards Seven Saturated Hydrocarbons
Singh Surabhi, Kapinder , Paul Biswajeet and Kumar Archna
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148-153 17
Diversity and Distribution of Avifauna in Seashores of Tharangambadi Taluk, Mayiladuthurai District, Tamil Nadu, India
Sivakumar S. and Thomas Nithiyanandam G.
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154-163 12
Testing and Treating Cancer with Radation Pharmaceutical Therapy (RPT)
Padmapriya V., Babu M., Ashok K. and Mullai Nila K.
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164-170 8
Antidiabetic and Antihypertensive Properties of Naringin: A Review
Ghosh Sanjib, Sarkar Sweata, Mistry Jayanta and Biswas Maharaj
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171-177 13
Phytochemical Profiling and Antioxidant Activity of Red Spinach (Amaranthus dubius)
Mullai Nila K., Babu M., Ashok K. and Padmapriya V.
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178-183 22
Biomarkers for the Assessment of Pesticide Toxicity in Fish
Mandal Dipa
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184-194 20
A Study on Viral Hepatitis in Hoshiarpur District of Punjab, India
Bhatti Neelam, Kumar Vineet, Kumar Rajesh, Kaur Amanpreet and Hajam Younis Ahmad
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195-199 17
Ameliorative Effect of Red Grape Seed Extract (Vitis vinifera L.) on Memory Deficits and Acetylcholinesterase Activity in D-Galactose-Induced Albino Rat
Veera Nagendra Kumar D., Seethamma G., Sachidevi P., Ramesh Kumar P., Usha Rani K. and Uday Kiran V.
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200-204 18
Phytochemical Composition and Proximate Analysis of the Medicinal Plant Eichhornia crassipes L.
Priya R. and Jeyanthi K.A.
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205-212 21
Studies on Some Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Sediments of Bhagda Taal (Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh, India) in Relation to Fish Production
Singh Varsha and Prakash Sadguru
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213-218 24
Length-Weight Relationship of Mahseer (Tor tor) from Kerwan Reservoir (Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India)
Nigam Anukriti N.
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219-223 15
Assessment of Anti-Microbial Activity by the Green Synthesized Silver Nanoparticles of Different Parts of Plumbago zeynalica L. Plant
Shanmugam Ramadevi, Sivaranjani S., Murugesan P. and Kaleeswaran B.
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224-232 19
Household Waste Characteristics and Management: A Review
Dutta Mridusmita, Lekharu Kangkana, Phukon Himadree, Sonowal Sarojmoni, Kurmi Dipika and Taid Tarun Chandra
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233-246 19
Impact of Caesalpinia pulcherrima (L.) Sw. (Fabaceae) Ethanol and Acetone Leaf Extracts on the Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae) Eggs
Krishnaveni G., Tamilarasi A., Mohanraj R.S. and Saranya M.
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247-256 11
Accumulation of Heavy Metals from the Combination of Different Biological Wastes by Earthworm Lampito mauritii Kinberg
Fatima Nishat and Singh Keshav
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257-271 14
Comparative Study to Assess the Level of Stress During Pregnancy Among Employed Women and Home Makers
Nandhini B., Nandhini S., Nandhini T. and Berttle Priya D.
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272-278 7
Diversity of Insect Pest in Agricultural Crops of Munsiyari, District Pithoragarh (Uttarakhand, India)
Bisht Manisha, Goswami Deepika, Arya Deeksha and Arya Geetika
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279-283 12
Role of Fruits in Human Health and Disease Prevention – An Overview
Lavate K.U.
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284-296 6
Genotoxicological Studies in Freshwater Fish Channa punctatus Exposed to Clomazone and Chlorpyrifos
Singh Kalpana, Adhana Preeti, Kumar Ajay and Garg Vandana
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297-302 7
GC-MS and FTIR Analysis of Seed Oil Extract of Cocos nucifera
Suganya M., Alaguchamy N. and Rajkumar V. S.
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303-308 6
Nutritional Quality and Health Benefits of Vegetables - A Review
Mirza Shaheena Sarwat
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309-320 12
In Vitro a-Amylase and a-Glucosidase Inhibiting Activities of the Alcoholic Leaf Extracts of Trigonella foenum-graecum
Kavitha V. and Karthikeyan J.
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321-331 12
Biocontrol Potential of Zygogramma bicolorata under the Influence of Probable Operating Factors in Two Physiographically Different Biotopes
Ganguly Nilanjan, Rajak Prem and Paramanik Manas
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332-338 4
Standardisation of Colchicines Concentration for the Karyotyping of Schizothorax richardsonii Found in Kumaun Hill Region, Uttarakhand, India
Toshibaa, Bisht H.C.S. and Pandey N.N.
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339-346 6
Toxicity of Fenvalerate, Fytran and Altracine to a Curly Wood Louse Cylisticus convexus
Aswin S.R. and Sanal Kumar M.G.
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347-352 5
Bioremediation of Temple Waste Using Earthworms for Production of Compost and Value Added Products
Kumar Ajay and Kumar Rajesh
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353-369 5
Evaluation of Water Quality Index Using Various Physico-Chemical Parameters and Correlation Analysis of Gothivali Waterbody, Navi-Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Singh Pooja and Jadhav Anita S.
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370-380 8
Neuroprotective Activity of Phytoestrogens Against Scopolamine Induced Oxidative Stress in Mice
Prasad Jagdish
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381-391 6
Studies on Pathogenicity of Nematode Infecting Roses
Arya Sunita and Sachan Riya
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392-397 9
Possible Prophylactic Effect of Soy Isoflavones Genistein on Cigarette Smoke- Induced Neurotoxicity in Rats’ Brains
Amjad Hussain A., Liyakath Ali A., Muhammed Shariq K. and Gokulakrishnan A.
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398-409 24
Plant Mediated Green Synthesis of ZnO NPs and Their Potential Regenerative Applications: A Review
Fatangare Prabhawati, Bapte Pradnya and Bhavare Vandana
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410-424 4
Pesticide Residues in Commonly Consumed Vegetables: Impacts on Human Health and Safety Measures
Lavate K. U.
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425-435 8
The Implication of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Animal Husbandry
Rehan Ahmad S., Yadav Rupali, Hosur Ravi, Vidhiya R., Nagaral Mahesh U., Kulkarni Girish and Das Puja
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436-438 8
Biopharmakon Evaluation of Remusatia vivipara and Theriophonum minutum
Saroja Preethy, Anbuselvi S., Punithavathy R. and Roshini Esther
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439-445 7
Habitat Overlap and Resource Selection Between Native Blackbuck and Invasive Feral-horse at Point Calimere Wildlife Sanctuary, Southern India
Selvarasu Sathishkumar, Subhasish Arandhara and Nagarajan Baskaran
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446-463 6
Effects of Different Organic Vermicomposts Media as Alternative Growth Media for the Culture of Spirulina
Jesuvadiyal Rajula S. and Martin P.
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464-470 4
Formulation, Development and Characterization of Mucoadhesive Microspheres for Delivery of Amoxicillin and Rabeprazole Sodium for the Treatment of Gastric Ulcer
Singh Shailendra and Khare Ekta
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471-484 4
Does Egg Clutch Size Determine the Abundance of Indian Golden Gecko Calodactylodes aureus (Beddome 1870)? An Example from SPSR Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh, India
Chakrapani I.S., Rajasekhar M., Indira Priyadarsini A., Bhaskar L.V.K.S., Srinivas N. and Jayappa K.
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485-493 5
Freshwater Zooplankton Composition in Relation to Physico-Chemical Parameters in Shanthi Sagara Lake of Davangere District, Karnataka, India
Thirumala S., Harish Kumar K. and Kiran B.R.
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494-505 11
Biodiversity and Conservation of Estuaries in India – A Report on the Status, Threats and Challenges
Mohan Raj V., Sangeetha R. and Susan George
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506-514 11
A Report on the Infestation of Ctenocephalides felis orientis in Goats of West Bengal, India
Rafiqul Amin M., Chatterjee Ranjita and Sulabh Sourabh
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515-519 6
Fish Assemblages in Nagapattinam Coast, Tamil Nadu, India
Karthik M. and Rajakumar R.
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520-529 12
Pharmacological Effects of the Seed Extract of Trigonella foenum-graecum L. on Cardiovascular and Anxiety Diseases
Tripathi Arpan Kumar, Muztaba Mohammad, Baghel Pragati, Tajane Pravin Sampat, Gupta Sandeep and Chitrapu Prashanti
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530-537 11
Pesticide Residues: Impact on Environment and Human Health, Risk Assessment and Safety Measures - A Review
Patil Rahul B. and Patil Shreya R.
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538-552 12
Salinity Impacts on the Histology of the Muscle of Whiteleg Shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei
Saravanan M., Maharajan A. and Ganapiriya V.
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553-560 13
Phylogeny Based Taxonomy Validation and In Silico Primer Designing of Piscine Tapeworm, Senga lucknowensis using Mitochondrial (COX-1) Gene
Chauhan Bhumika, Misra Monica and Sharma Bindu
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561-565 8
Studies on Zooplankton Composition and a-Diversity Indices at Thanegaon Reservoir, Maharashtra, India
Dorlikar A.V. and Thengare M.R.
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566-571 8
Physicochemical and Preliminary Phytochemical Screening of Root of Cryptolepis buchanani
Panneerselvam R., Usharani S. and Flora Priyadarshini J.
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572-577 13
Assessment of Toxic Effects of Cypermethrin and Nucleopolyhedrovirus in Hyposidra talaca Walker (Lepidoptera: Geometridae)
Ghosh Saugata, Ghosh Bappaditya and Bahadur Min
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578-584 4
Vetting of Cow Urine Extract of Triphala for Antioxidative and Enzyme Curbing Potentiality: A Scientific Attempt to Evaluate Traditional Base of Herbal Treatment with Cow Urine
Sahare Atish Y., Chavhan Bhairavi K., and Gajbhiye Sachin A.
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585-594 14
Phytochemical Screening, Antibacterial Evaluation and Antioxidant Activity of Ethyl Acetate Extract of Leaves of Avicennia marina
Vasantha Kumar K., Jayaseelan K., Murugesan R. and Dinesh Kumar G.
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595-601 6
Scientific Methods for Evaluation of Organophosphorus and Carbamate Pesticide Residues in Fruits and Vegetables: A Review
Kumari Darshana and Meena Asha Ram
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602-608 15
In Vitro Pro-Inflammatory Enzyme Inhibition, Anti-Oxidant Potential and Biomolecule Oxidation Protective Activity Using Different Extracts of Soursop (Annona muricata L.) Leaves and Fruits
Malarkodi R., Gokulakrishnan A., Sudha D. and Liyakath Ali A.
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609-619 6
CEA Tumor Relationship in Patients with Colorectal Carcinoma
Bhat Sajad Ahmad, Musayev Abdugani, Seralin G.A., Ainur Nuftieva, Baibatshanov Mukhtar and Aizhan Danyshbayeva
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620-623 8
DNA Barcoding of a New Aquatic Metazoan, Paraclepsis vulnifera
Usha Anilkumar and Jadhav Anita S.
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624-630 8
Pesticide Residues in Whole Milk: Public Health Concerns
Jawale Ratnamala S. and Chaudhari Ravindra J.
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631-639 3
Role of Tissue Engineering Used in The Production of Human Skin
Senthil J., Ashok K., Babu M. and Jayendran U.
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640-647 7
Standardization of Polyherbal Siddha Formulation Vithuvagai Chooranam
Sundara Ganesh I., Parvathy R. S., Jaiganesh L. and Neethiraja M.
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648-656 27
Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Characterization and Docking Analysis of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles from Canavalia rosea
Vasanthi R. and Balamurugan V.
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657-670 11
Length–Weight Relationships of Indigenous Fish Species Pterygoplichthys pardalis (Castelnau, 1855) (Siluriformes: Loricariidae) from Ujani Wetland, India
Kakade Vinod
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671-673 3
Pesticide Residues in Fruits: Health Risks and Safety Measures
Jawale Ratnamala S.
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674-680 5
Reproductive Biology of the Calanoid Copepod Eucalanus monachus
Sivakumar K., Begum D. I., Vijayaraj R. and Altaff K.
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681-689 4
Microbial Characterization of Jeevamrutha and its Effect on Beneficial Soil Microorganisms
Vibha G., Lingaraju H. G. and Shankramma Kalikeri
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690-696 4
In Silico Molecular Docking of Phytochemical Compounds of Ocimum bacilicum Against Mutated SARS-CoV-2 Virus
Usharani S., Panneerselvam R. and Flora Priyadarshini J.
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697-711 8
Isolation, Characterisation and Screening of Acephate Degrading Bacteria from Paddy Field
Malathi V. B., Reena A. and Poorani V.
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712-724 3
Blockchain Based DNA Barcoding for Determination of Livestock Based Product Quality
Yadav Abhay Kumar and Vishwakarma Virendra P.
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725-736 5
Evaluation of Garcinia mangostana, Lantana camara and Piper betel for Pharmaceutical Applications
Chetan D.M., Namana H.B., Pai Akshatha A., Anjali Rao K., Nathan Jarek Fernandes, Prathiksha B., Raghavendra H.L., Narendra Kumar S., Patil Ravikumar H.S., Venkatesh, Venkatesh Kamath H. and Bhat Ramesh S.
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737-743 7
Ascaridia galli (Chicken Nematode) as a Source for Nanoparticle and Nanofiber
Kumari Sunila Y.
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744-748 6
Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles using Centella asiatica and Evaluation of its Anticancer Activity
Usharani S., Panneerselvam R. and Flora Priyadarshini J.
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749-761 6
Modification of Spontaneous Electrical Activity by Neural and Blood-Borne Factors in the Silkworm Bombyx mori L.
Varalakshmi Y., Chetan Sahitya P. and Murali Mohan P.
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762-767 6
Study of Water Quality Status and Gastropod Diversity of Bodalkasa Dam and Pujaritola Dam of Gondia District, Maharashtra, India
Ade G.V. and Makode P.M.
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768-773 7
Diversity of Planktonic Rotifers from Enamakkal Lake, Kerala, India
Meharban M. P. and John Vimala K.
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774-782 5
Avifaunal Diversity of Wetland Birds at Guhai, Sabarkantha, Gujarat, India
Manjurmahammad H. Dedhrotiya and Chirag A. Acharya
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783-788 6
Phenotypic Characterization of Virulence Factors and Antibiotic Resistant Pattern of Uropathogenic Escherichia coli Isolates
Aneesha S., Kamalesh S., Vijay M., Anandhi M. and Suganthi P.
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789-799 4
Sublethal Malathion Exposure Disrupts Neurotransmitter Homeostasis and Redox Status in the Freshwater Fish, Oreochromis mossambicus (Peters, 1852)
Kalipparambil Radhakrishnan Ganga, Marathumpalli Fathima Safna, Pootheri Maneesha and Kumari Chidambaran Chitra
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800-817 3
Quantitative Analysis of Bio-Surfactants Produced from Bacterial Strains
Chetan D.M., Raghavendra H.L., Narendra Kumar S., Ravikumar Patil H.S., Ramesh S. Bhat, Venkatesh Kamath H. and Venkatesh
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818-823 4
Scanning Electron Microscopic Study of In Vitro Effects of Tinospora cordifolia on Gastrothylax crumenifer
Jogpal B., Swarnakar G., Sen H. and Chouhan H.S.
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824-830 3
A Study on the Assessment of BMI and its Association with Malnutrition among Rural Preschool and Primary School Children in Hardoi District, Uttar Pradesh, India
Kumar Jitendra, Prakash Sadguru and Kanaujia Amita
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831-837 11
A Scientific Analysis of the Benefits and Drawbacks of Wearing a Mouth Mask During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Thirunirai Senthil S., Mohana Priya C. and Gayathri N.
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838-844 5
Phytoconstituents Profile of Acorus calamus, Cardiospermum halicacabum and Solanum nigrum as Potential Source of Fish Feed Supplementation with Reference to the Bioactive Compounds
Bhavani M. and Elumalai M.
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845-857 5
Studies on Antifouling Activity of Methanolic Extract of the Mangrove Rhizophora apiculata against Micro and Macro Foulers
Anjana Suresh, Rameshbabu Dhanapal, Ashok Kumar, Grasian Immanuel and Baranitharan Mathalaimuthu
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858-872 7
Estimation of Physico-Chemical Changes of Different Combinations of Animal Dung with Kitchen Wastes by Earthworm Eutyphoeus waltoni
Siddiqui Nazia and Singh Keshav
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873-888 13
A Preliminary Report on the Diversity of Butterflies (Insecta: Lepidoptera) in and Around the Forest Areas of Jateswar Mandir, Barbil, Odisha, India
Mondal Sagata, Dutta Arijit Kumar, Manna Payel and Ghosal Goutam
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889-900 3
A Study of Scales for Growth and Age Determination in Tor tor
Nigam Anukriti N.
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901-905 10
Documentation of Cyprinid Minor Carps and Minnows in Bhadra Reservoir of Karnataka, India
Thirumala S. and Kiran B.R.
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906-916 6
Evaluation of Wound Healing Activity of Siddha Herbo-Mineral Formulation Rathinagara Rasa Mezhugu in Experimental Rats
Parvathy R.S., Mariappan A., Reshmee V. Thomas and Meena Kumari R.
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917-924 13
Bacterial Assessment in the Ground Water Samples of Kalaburagi Town, Karnataka, India
Ramesha Iyyanahalli, Vijaykumar K. and Kiran B.R.
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925-935 4
A Study On Awareness of Air Pollution and Health Issues Among Higher Secondary School Students
Dhanya B. Chandran
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936-943 8
Effect of Aqueous Extracts of Emblica officinalis Fruit and Terminalia arjuna Bark on Serum Lipid Profile in Male Albino Wistar Rats Fed with High Fat Diet
Vijayalakshmi Korlam and Rajendran K.
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