Volume : 8, Issue : 1, 2022 ( June)
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Evaluation of Oxidative Stress and Genotoxicity Induced by Triclosan in the Freshwater Fish, Anabas testudineus (Bloch, 1792)
Chokki Veettil Priyatha and Kumari Chidambaran Chitra
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1-17 111
Scanning Electron Microscopy of Microsporidia Isolated from Gut Epithelium of Honey Bee (Apis mellifera)
Jaiswal Kamal, Mishra Suman and Sharma Saumya
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18-23 48
Diversity and Abundance of Insect Pollinators in Orchards and Agricultural Ecosystems in Paharpani Nainital, Uttarakhand, India
Arya Deeksha, Goswami Deepika, Rekha, Bisht Manisha, Arya Geetika and Kaushal B. Raj
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24-31 33
Gonadal Maturity of Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Naturally Inhabited in Balkhila Stream of Uttarakhand, India
Datta Vishal, Bisht H.C.S., Pandey N. N. and Vishvakarma Bipin
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32-38 15
Impact of Heavy Rain and Flood on Ichthyofaunal Diversity and Distribution Pattern in River Network of Kumaon Region of Uttarakhand State, India
Joshi Mamta, Pandey N. N. and Bisht H. C. S.
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39-45 20
Prolonged Copulation in Dysdercus cingulatus (Red Cotton Stainer) as a Cause for Augmented Fecundity
Neeraja B.
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46-49 18
Oncological Applications of Graphene Based Nanomaterials
Samuel Jawahar B. and Princess Rajendran A.
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50-54 15
Current Practices of Management/Handling of E-waste : A Review
Meshram Leena N., Naik Mayur S. and Pawar Prabhakar R.
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55-61 19
A Study on Pesticides Consumption Patterns and Farmers Perception Towards Health Hazards in Bathinda (Punjab), India
Walia Gurinder Kaur and Kaur Dalveer
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62-79 14
Length-Weight Relationship and Well Being of the Natural Stock of Rainbow Trout Inhabited in Balkhila Stream in Uttarakhand, India
Datta Vishal, Bisht H.C.S., Pandey N.N. and Joshi Mamta
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80-84 19
Arthropod Assemblage Associated with Clerodendrum infortunatum L. (Family: Lamiaceae)
Samuel Raina Nivedita and Samuel Joy Nivedita
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85-89 26
Study on Status of Physico-Chemical Parameters of Lotic Water Body, Shipra in the Mountainous Region of Kumaun Himalaya, Uttarakhand, India
Arya Geetika, Bisht H.C.S., Hemlata, Mandoli Sandeep Dutt and Siddiqui Uzma
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90-97 21
Diversity of Ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) at St. Xavier’s College Campus, Palayamkottai, Tamil Nadu, India
Karthick M., Samuel B., Devi M. Nanthini, Anitha R., Rani P. Naga, Ram Kumar R. and Azhagu Raj R.
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98-106 40
Histopathological Alterations in Gills of Neotropical Fish Cheirodon interruptus in an Environment Influenced by a Wood Treatment Plant
Flores-Lopes Fábio, Santos Carolyne S. and de OliveiraRafaela R.
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107-119 17
Molluscan Shell Diversity of Ennore Creek, Chennai, India
Neeraja B.
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120-123 19
Acute Toxicity of Stevia rebaudiana in Embryo of Zebrafish (Danio rerio)
Afrose Banu A., Anuradha V., Nair Aneesh and Tilton Florida
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124-128 15
Green Synthesized Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles from Elettaria cardamomum and its Characterization Image Processing and Antiproliferative Activity
Sowmiya Manoj M. and Arul Selvi S.
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129-137 16
Avifaunal Diversity of Swamythoopu Salt Pan, Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, India
Jude D., Karthick M., Ram Kumar R., Sathyananth M., Stephenraj D. and Azhagu Raj R.
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138-151 30
Impact of Durga Idol Immersion on Water Bodies with Early and Late Removal of Idols in Asansol, West Bengal, India
Mukherjee Sagarika and Paramanik Manas
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152-161 21
New Record of Two Freshwater Bryozoan Species (Phylactolaemata) from Kagzipura Reservoir, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India
Nimbalkar Nirmiti D., Wood Timothy S. and Chondekar Ramesh P.
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162-166 11
Survey of Avifauna of Bahula Dam and its Nearby Areas of Pachora, Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India
Shelke A.D.
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167-176 10
Phytochemical Profiling and Anticancer Activity of Seaweed Enteromorpha intestinalis Extracts Against A375 Cell Line
Prasath Alias Surendhar S. and Aanandh S.
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177-184 12
Species Diversity of Spiders from Bidhuna Tehsil of Auraiya District, Uttar Pradesh, India
Dixit Yogesh Babu and Singh B.B.
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185-190 17
An Updated Checklist of Spider (Araneomorphae: Araneae: Arachnida) Diversity of Madhya Pradesh, India
Singh Rajendra and Sharma Akhilesh
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191-218 13
The Early Organogenesis of Carassius auratus (Cyprinidae): A Histological Perspectives
Muthupriya Palanichamy, Sivakumar Kandhasamy and Altaff Kareem
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219-234 27
Study on the Presence of Microplastics in Zooplankton Collected from Ennore Estuary, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Ragumaran M., Mohan Raj V., Susan George, Sangeetha R. and Mathu Mitha C.
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235-240 14
Microbial Diversity of Industrial Wastewater: A Review
Choudhary Suresh Kumar and Yadav Rajesh
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241-248 23
Seasonal Fluctuation of Escherichia coli in Nainital Lake, Uttarakhand State, India
Giri Neha, Lodhi Anchal, Sapna, Sharma Netrapal and Arya Deepak Kumar
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249-256 10
Cestode Parasite (Platyhelminthes) of Rodent Rattus rattus (Linnaeus, 1758) from Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India with a Redescription of Hymenolepis diminuta (Rudolphi, 1819)
Shaikh Kalim Mansursab
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257-261 10
Population, Distribution, Sub-species, Feeding and Breeding Biology of Black Kite: A Review
Chishty Nadim, Pandey Vijay Shankar and Choudhary Narayan Lal
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262-271 11
Isolation and Biochemical Characterization of Lactic Acid Bacteria from the Gut of Fresh Food Fishes
Vijayananth S., Nesakumari Sheeba A.C., Muthezhilan R. and Thirunavukkarasu N.
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272-280 21
Endosymbiotic Bacteria Associated with the Spiralling Whitefly, Aleurodicus dispersus Russell (Hemiptera:Aleyrodidae)
Drisya Pavithran, Jayaprakas C.A. and Sangeetha B.G.
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281-290 15
Volatile Mediated Plant-Insect Interactions: A Review
Deori Darathi and Kalita Santa
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291-304 29
Efficacy of Phytochemicals Against Mosquito Larvae: An Update to Integrated Mosquito Management
Kumar Sanjeev and Kumar Sushil
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305-319 16
In-Silico Research to Screen Various Phytochemicals as Potential Therapeutics Against Beta Glucan Synthase Enzyme from Black Fungus Endangering Covid Patients in India
Sarkar Diptendu
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320-337 11
Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles by Using Plants Extract and its Efficiency Against Aedes aegypti (Linn.)
Prakash N., Sujitha S., Dass K. and Mariappan P.
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338-346 19
Micrococcus luteus: A Potential Keratinolytic Bacteria Isolated from Poultry Waste Dumping Site at Namakkal District, Tamil Nadu, India
Kowsalya S., Umavathi S., Deivasigamani B., Gunasekaran V., Sathish V. and Thangam Y.
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347-356 18
Effect of Foliar Application of Liquid Biofertilizer of Buffalo Dung and Gram Bran with Combinations of Biopesticides on the Growth, Flowering and Productivity of Soybean (Glycine max L.) Crop
Siddiqui Nazia, Saman Zaveesha and Singh Keshav
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357-364 12
Management of Biopesticides to Control Infestation of Insect Stored Grain Pest Triboloium castaneum (Herbst) (Coleoptera: Tenebrioide): A Review
Gawali R.J., Magare S.R., Srivastava S.K. and Shinde S.E.
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365-370 8
Thermal Responses in Japanese Pearl Oysters, Pinctada fucata martensii
Hatano Kaito, Kawamura Ryoya, Watabe Yukina, Ogiso Shouzo, Nagami Arata, Matsubara Hajime, Urata Makoto, Matsumoto Kyoko, Yachiguchi Koji, Shimizu Nobuaki, Hirayama Jun, Furusawa Yukihiro, Tabuchi Yoshiaki, Srivastav Ajai K. and Suzuki Nobuo
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371-378 21
Efficacy of Some Plants as Insecticide Against Callosobruchus maculatus Reared on Black Gram Seeds
Kalpna, Kumar Rajesh, Hajam Ahmad Younis and Kumari Shailja
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379-388 6
Bioaccumulation and Bioconcentration Factor of Heavy Metals in the Tissues of Freshwater Fish Channa punctatus Collected from Sawan Nallaha, Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh, India
Prakash Sadguru
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389-396 6
Importance of Insects in Ecosystem and Rapidly Declining Biodiversity
Meena Asha Ram
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397-400 8
Identification and Characterization of Micro and Mesoplastics Isolated from Commercially Important Marine Fishes of Pulicat Lake, Tamil Nadu, India
Surya D., Ann Efgin, Thirunavukkarasu N. and Nesakumari C. Sheeba Anitha
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401-407 10
Impact of Coal Pollution on Liver Enzyme (Alanine Transaminase) of Channa striata (Bloch) of Godavari Khani (Telangana), India
Krishna D. and Neeraja B.
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408-411 7
Ichthyofaunal Diversity of Bhagda or Bhagta Taal, a Wetland of Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh, India: Threats and Conservation
Singh Varsha and Prakash Sadguru
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412-420 15
Importance of Mangroves to Human Well-being
Naik Mayur S. and Pawar Prabhakar R.
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421-433 11
Diversity Study of Freshwater Fishes in Manimala River, Pathanamthitta, Kerala, India
Prabha Praveen, Thomas Cincy, Tom Joseph, Alex P. Zecharia, Sreejith S.
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434-440 9
Effects of Toxic Weed Lantana camara on the Feeding Behaviour and Insecticidal Activity of Spodoptera litura Fab. (Lepidoptera:Noctuidae)
Oraon Priti Kumari and Thakur Anand Kumar
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441-446 4
Distillery Effluent Affects Condition Factor and Organosomatic Index of the Fish Mystus vittatus
Tiwari Santosh Kumar and Prakash Sadguru
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447-454 9
Hematological, Biochemical and Immunological Responses of Estuarine Catfish Mystus gulio (Hamilton 1822) After Exposure to Lead (Pb)
Elizabeth A. Queen and Deivasigamani B.
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455-464 8
Post-meiotic Splitting of Spermatid Nucleus and Beaded Tail Formation During Spermiogenesis to Eliminate DNA in Two Grasshoppers With B Chromosomes
Channaveerappa H.
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465-471 34
Electrophoretic Studies in Indian Calliphorids
Agrawal Sarita and Bajpai Neelam
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472-475 9
Physico-chemical Analysis of Uppanar River Water Samples Near an Industrial Area in Cuddalore, India
Rajmohan K. and Vijayan P.
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476-480 18
Length-Weight and Feeding Indices of Formulated Diet Supplemented with Millet Base and Combined with Commercial Probiotics Used as Feed for Cultivable Freshwater Fish, Labeo rohita
Reka E., Kumaran T. and Saravanan R.
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481-489 11
Plants Secondary Metabolites as Medicines: A Review
Munasira Begum V.S., Mohamed Tariq N.P.M., Hemapriya J. and Muhammed Shariq K.
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490-493 10
Species Richness and Therapeutic Diversity of Ethnomedicines of Eastern Ghats, South India
Santhanapandi P., Guruprasad A., Krithika N. and Chittibabu C.V.
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494-509 9
Preliminary Phytochemical Screening, GC-MS, FTIR, and Antimicrobial Activity of Commelina forskaolii Vahl Leaves
Sivashanmugam Preethi, Thomas Rosmin, Chandran Nisha and Pawlin Vasanthi Joseph
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510-530 16
A Review on Social and Economical Status of Asian Weaver Ants (Oecophylla smaragdina)
Patel Divyangi and Bhatt Nikunj
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531-536 14
A New Species of the Genus Microtendipes Kieffer (Diptera, Chironomidae) from Foothills of Eastern Himalaya, India
Majumdar Uttaran
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537-541 10
Flakka (a -PVP): Mode of Action, Side Effects and Treatment
Bahattab Omar, Al-Howiti Aisha A., Al-Haddad Ragad A.M. and Alzahrani Asma J.
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542-547 18
A Review on Mosquitocidal Activity of the Genus Solanum
Chandra Goutam and Rawani Anjali
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548-567 9
Assessment of an Organophosphate Pesticide Particularly Malathion on Earthworm: A Review
Kumari Tamanna, Bikal Prerna and Shukla Vineeta
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568-577 18
Postmortem Toxicology: An Overview
Bahattab Omar, Alatawi Mozon A., Alenzi Areej S. and Albalawi Rana A.
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578-584 10
Exploitation of Indian Rose-Ringed Parakeet (Psittacula krameri manilensis Scopoli, 1769) from Panvel, Navi Mumbai, India
Kotavadekar Dipti V.
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585-591 12
Status, Distribution and Food Availability for Sarus Crane (Grus antigone) in Hassanganj and Bangarmau Tehsil under Unnao District, Uttar Pradesh, India
Rani Varsha, Sinha Ankit and Kanaujia Amita
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592-598 9
Animal and Plant Responses to Water Pollution: An Overview
Bhattacharyya Phalguni, Acharya Ritwik, Kar Sayanti, Ghosh Indrajit and Ghosh Amitava
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599-609 8
Effect of Imidacloprid on the Microbial Biodiversity of Soils of Selected Zones of Haryana, India
Yadav Poonam, Bhardwaj Monika, Vashishth Divya, Yadav Mansi, Kadyan Pooja, Dalal Sunita and Kataria Sudhir Kumar
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610-622 11
Evaluation of Phenolic and Antioxidant Activities in Honey Samples Collected from Apis mellifera Colonies
Rajpoot Gajendra Singh, Kumar Rajesh, Kumari Rekha and Hajam Younis Ahmad
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623-629 9
Bioaccumulation and Toxicity of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles in Epigeic Earthworm Species Eudrilus eugeniae
Anithakumari P. and Thangam Y.
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630-644 14
Metabolomics in Radiotherapy: Current Paradigms and Future Perspectives
Mahajan Shreya, Upadhyay Sushil Kumar, Singh Manoj and Sharma Anil K.
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645-656 8
Testing the Presence of an Opportunistic Pathogen Nosema ceranae (Microsporidia) in Housefly (Musca domestica) using Polymerase Chain Reaction
Jaiswal Kamal, Mishra Suman, Kumari Prachi, Singh Amit and Sharma Saumya
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657-662 12
In Silico Approach to Search Various Phytochemicals as Potential Therapeutics Against the Spike Protein from Alpha Variant Strain (B.1.1.7) of SARS-CoV-2
Sarkar Diptendu
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663-679 10
Epidemiology: An Interdisciplinary Science for Public Health Assessments
Fuad A. Alatawi, Omar Alatawi, Ahmed Albalawi, Raed Albalawi, Hussein Alshehri and Abdulaziz Alomari
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680-688 7
Mating Disruption in Insect Pests by Sex Pheromones: A Profound Integrated Pest Management Technique
Zulfiquar Saba, Upadhyay Sushil Kumar, Yadav Deepak, Dixit Yogesh Babu and Prakash Sadguru
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689-700 7
Effect of Dichlorvos against Fall Armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda J. E. Smith) (Lepidoptera:Noctuidae)
Bansode Sagar B., Pawar Pranali S. and Santha Kumar M.V.
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701-704 12
Spatio-Temporal Assessment of Mosquito Dynamics in Relation to Meteorological Variables in Baramulla District of North Kashmir, India
Bilal Ahmad Malla and Jebanesan A.
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705-714 7
Aphids Infesting Medicinal Plants in Bihar, India
Ahmad Md. Equbal, Sinha Nidhi, Nawal Dipti and Kumari Kimmi
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715-723 9
Comparative Study on the Antimicrobial Activity in Various Solvent Extracts of Garcinia gummi-gutta (L.) Roxb and Solanum betaceum Cav. Fruits Against Major Fish Pathogens
Rosmin M.T., Chandran Nisha, Sivashanmugam Preethi and Pawlin Vasanthi Joseph
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724-733 12
Seasonal Variation of Physicochemical parameters and coefficient correlation of Karave Lake (Nerul), Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Kamble Sayali R. and Jadhav Anita S.
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734-743 7
Screening of Phytoconstituents from Curcuma longa, Piper nigrum and Murraya koenigii Methanolic Extracts, and In Vitro Efficacy of Their Combinations on Nematode Parasite (Ascaridia galli) of Gallus gallus domesticus
Ahmad Rehan S.and Masuldar Asma
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744-749 13
Sex Ratio of Episyrphus balteatus (Diptera : Syrphidae) in the Field and Laboratory Population
Kumari Kimmi, Ahmad Md. Equbal, Sinha Nidhi and Nawal Dipti
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750-753 12
ERRATUM: Annotated Checklist of Fishes of the Family Balistidae. Intern. J Zool Invest 7(2): 647-672, 2021.
Paolo Parenti
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