Volume : 6, Issue : 1, 2020 ( June)
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Bioaccumulation, Hepatotoxicity, Immune Response and Growth in Oreochromis niloticus Exposed to Cadmium
Driele Ventura de Paulo, Laís Leal Lopes, Arielle Oliveira Cruz das Neves, Francisco Oliveira de Magalhães Júnior,Raildo Mota de Jesus, Luiz Gustavo Tavares Braga, Fábio Flores Lopes
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1-20 53
Feeding Responses of Cotesia plutellae (Kurdjumov) (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) Adults to Honey and Sucrose
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21-30 27
Histological and Ultrastructural Analysis of Tilapia rendalli Liver as an Environmental Assessment Tool for Cachoeira River, Bahia, Brazil
Fábio Flores-Lopes, Milane Alves Correia and Daniela Mariano Lopes da Silva
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31-48 22
On Some Aspects of the Structure and Functions of the Wetlands of North Bihar, India
Sharma Rashmi Rani, Verma Rohit Kumar and Roy Surendra Prasad
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49-57 18
Longitudinal-size Trend in Eight Species of Centrobolus
Cooper Mark
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58-64 53
Influence of Oral Administration of a High-Calcium Solution into a Marine Teleost (Nibbler Fish) and a Freshwater Teleost (Goldfish) on Their Plasma Calcium Levels
Kitani Yoichiro, Srivastav Ajai K. and Suzuki Nobuo
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65-70 23
Thermal-Aroma-Organic-Carbon-Fusion Therapy: An Open Air Conventional Method for Clearance of Nasal Air Passage, Trachea, Lungs and Immunity Boosting Against Influenza Virus
Upadhyay R. K.
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71-93 18
Nutritional Compositions in a Locally Available Fresh Water Fish, Notopterus notopterus : A Review
Kulkarni Raghavendra S. and Sudarshan S.
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94-106 13
Growth Performance of the Prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii Post-Larvae Fed with Probiotic Bacterium, Enterococcus hirae Enriched Artemia franciscana Nauplii
Jain I. B., Saravana Bhavan P., Manjula T., Dharani C., Kalpana R., Muralisankar T., Aiswaryalakshmi S. and Karthik M.
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107-121 13
Effects of the Parasite Loxothylacus texanus on the Agonistic Behavior of the Crab Callinectes rathbunae
Vázquez-López Horacio, Escamilla-Montes Ruth, Diarte-Plata Genaro, Cházaro-Olvera Sergio, Rodríguez-Varela Asela del Carmen, Franco-López Jonathan, Chávez-López Rafael and Morán-Silva Ángel
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122-134 21
Comparative Toxicity of Copper Oxide Nanoparticles and Dissolved Copper to Freshwater Mussels
Auclair J., Turcotte P., Gagnon C., Peyrot C., Wilkinson KJ and Gagné F.
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135-147 15
Human Health Risk Associated with Multiple Pathway Exposure to Arsenic in Contaminated Wetlands Cultivating Invasive Fish
Singh Atul K. and Srivastava Sharad C.
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148-161 12
Indigenous Live Feed for Aqua-Hatchery Larval Rearing of Finfish and Shellfish: A Review
Altaff K.
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162-173 26
Evaluation of the Environmental Monitoring of the Cachoeira river Through Histopathological Alterations of Astyanax fasciatus
Santos Matheus L., Silva Gabriela L., Oliveira Cristina L. C. and Flores-Lopes Fábio
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174-186 18
Potential of Fenoxycarb (a Juvenile Hormone Analogue) on the Growth Duration and Longevity of Adults of Rice Moth, Corcyra cephalonica Staint. (Lepidoptera:Pyralidae) Exposed as Second Instar Larvae
Tiwari S.K.
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187-195 21
Coronavirus Transmission-- Accidental Risks, Facts and Challenges: A Review
Upadhyay R. K.
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196-216 22

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