Volume : 5, Issue : 2, (2019 December - December)
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Effect of Aqueous and Ethanolic Extracts of Papaya Seeds on Duodenal Mucosa of Rats
Aisha D. Alalwani
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1-11 17
Herbal Pesticides, a Natural Weapon to Control the Insect Pests: A Review
Singh Suneel Kumar, Bhatt Kamlesh Kumar, Kirtipal Nikhil, Dhingra Gulshan Kumar and Arya Surman
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12-22 8
Physiological Role of a Calcitonin-Like Substance in the Life Cycle of the Lamprey, Lampetra japonica (Cyclostomata)
Suzuki Nobuo, Sekiguchi Toshio, Yachiguchi Koji, Urata Makoto, Kinoshita Yasuko, Matsubara Hajime, Asahina Kiyoshi, Kambegawa Akira and Srivastav Ajai Kumar
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23-30 8
Histopathology of Fish Liver to Assess the Water Quality of Limoeiro Stream, Floresta Azul, Ba, Brazil
Flores-Lopes Fábio, Brito Nathália C., Cruz Arielle O. and Paulo Driele, V.
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31-42 5
Emerging Issues and Sustainability of Booming Tilapia Production in India
Singh Atul K.
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43-51 3
Impact of Soft Drink Feeding on Honeybee Mouth Parts Formation and the Effect of Supposed Malformation on the Quality of Gathering Nectar and Pollination
Nada O. Edrees, Tahani A. AL-Zahrani and Badriah M. K. Asiri
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52-84 4
Production of Worm Biomass (Vermiprotein) and Vermicompost by Using Epigeic Earthworms
Patil Soumya R. and Biradar Pulikeshi M.
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85-96 4
Prolactin Induced Alterations in Plasma Minerals (Calcium and Phosphate) and Ultimobranchial Gland of Stinging Catfish, Heteropneustes fossilis Maintained in Different Calcium Media
Srivastav Susmita, Mishra Diwakar, Srivastav Sunil K., Suzuki Nobuo and Srivastav Ajai K.
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97-107 7
Species Diversity, Feeding Habits and Conservation Status of Birds in Qurumbar National Park, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan
Saeed Abbas, Ejaz Hussain, Haider Abbas, Shahid Hussain, Rahila Tabassum, Muhammad Zafar Khan and Masood Nabi
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108-117 9
Condition Factor of Fishes of Rapti River in Different Seasons at Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh, India
Verma Dharmraj, Ahmad Tabrez , Bajpai Sandeep3, Dixit Vivek Kumar and Singh U.B.
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