Volume : 4, Issue : 1, 2018 ( June)
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Sequencing and Expression Analysis of Calcitonin Receptor in the Scales of Goldfish, Carassius auratus
Ikari Takahiro, Sekiguchi Toshio, Urata Makoto, Furusawa Yukihiro, Ikegame Mika, Kinoshita Yasuko, Kitamura Kei-ichiro, Nakabayashi Itsuko, Horita Motoshi, Tabuchi Yoshiaki, Hattori Atsuhiko, Srivastav Ajai K. and Suzuki Nobuo
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1-10 83
Oocytes Development in the Fry of Blue Gourami, Trichogaster trichopterus
Gad Degani
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11-20 44
Sublethal Toxic Effects of Bisphenol A on Oxygen Consumption, Haematological and Histological Parameters in the Cichlid Fish, Pseudetroplus maculatus (Bloch, 1795)
Asifa K. P. and Chitra K. C.
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21-30 37
Genetic Variation in Xeric Habitats of Triturus vittatus vittatus (Urodela) Using Mitochondrial DNA of 12S and16S, and Nuclear Gene, Rhodopsin, on the Southern Border of its Distribution
Gad Degani
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31-40 32
Paenibacillus odorifer Berge et al., a New Bacterial Record From India as a Fish Pathogen
Srivastava Gaurav K, Ahmad Ausaf, Prabhuji Shakti K, Pande Shail and Richa
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41-45 18
Habitat Use Among Shorebirds in the Lakes of Bengaluru
Swathi H A and Antoney P U
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46-55 20
Concept of Sustainable Bioremediation for Perpetual Control of Fish Diseases Caused by Watermoulds and Bacteria
Srivastava Gaurav K, Ahmad Ausaf, Prabhuji Shakti K. and Srivastava Richa
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56-60 19
Biosafety Evaluation of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles (ZnO NPs) on Polypedates maculatus (Gray, 1830)
Pattanayak R., Das R. , Das A. , Padhi S. K. , Pattnaik S.1, Sahu S. S., Mishra C. S. K. , Mishra S. S. , Sahoo S. N. , Debbarma J. , Mohanty C. S. , Sinam G. , Sundaray J. K. , Swain P.
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61-72 36
Comparative Scanning Electron Microscopic Study of Antennae and Hearing Organ of Two Indian Mantids Mantis religiosa and Gongylus gongylodes
Kavya M. K., Raghunandan K. S., Padmanabha B. and Channaveerappa H.
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73-80 52
Growth Performance, Length-Weight Relationship of Snakehead Fish Channa striata (Bloch) Fed With Different Diets
Sugumaran E., Shabeena B. and Radhakrishnan M.V.
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81-87 31
Ninhydrin Positive Eggshell Surface Proteins and Water Soluble Proteins of Six Domesticated Birds can Become Possible Tools to Assess Taxonomic as Well Genetic Diversity
Monika M.B., Padmanabha B. and Channaveerappa H.
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88-96 84
Simulation of Natural Habitat Supports Avian Existence in Urban Mysuru: Case Study of Institutionalized Water Bodies and Forests
Pooja Jha, Raghunandan K.S., Padmanabha B. and Channaveerappa, H
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97-106 51

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